SOG06 Mei-Lin Mayfair


28mm Scale

1 Figure

White metal miniature

Model supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required

Sculpted by Andrew Rae

Painted figures L-R

Mae-Lin Mayfair with blue hair by Matthew Leahy

Mae-Lin Mayfair with blue background by Agis

Mae-Lin Mayfair with purple hair by  Allison MacKay




Mei-Lin Mayfair

Female special operative or assassin usually present as the leader of a fembot unit

Mei-Lin and the Fembots comprise of separate, interchangeable heads and right arms (both arms in the case of Mei-Lin). Not only that but all figures have two head options – a female face or a blank visor – so there are plenty of options to create unique figures within any fembot unit

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