RDF07 Pathfinder Paladin – Warrior


6mm Scale

2 Models

White metal miniatures

Models supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required

Sculpted by Andy Cummings

Painted vehicles by Michael Stockin

Please note these models do not include bases or stowage



Pathfinder Paladin – Warrior

The Paladin is an up armoured version of the standard Pathfinder chassis; it has skirts protecting the sides, front and rear, making it much tougher, comparable with light and medium MBTs

This extra armour should result in reduced speed; however the engine has also been upgraded so that it can match the conventional Pathfinder

The Warrior variant has a 100mm auto-cannon, it is a simpler, less SMART weapon than the Pathfinder Archer’s Javelin Rocket System, but it does pack more punch

6mm scale miniatures and models for sci-fi wargames