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Recent News

Spectres with scythes

Spectres with scythes released

28mm Horror miniatures

Check them out in the Night Terrors undead listings

New Gnomes

Latest additions to our 28mm Gnomes

Lord and lady

Magic user with apprentice


New 28mm Kharkov SS releases

New additions to our 28mm WWII German kharkov SS

Designed for the battle of kharkov but would be suitable for other theatres

WSSK09 Kharkov SS with Soviet SMGs

WSSK10 Kharkov SS snipers

WSSK11 Kharkov SS Officers





KR-16 6mm sci-fi

6mm sci-fi comes to CP Models.

We are glad to announce that we are the new owners of the Angel Barracks 6mm sci-fi range.

We are still in the process of sorting stuff out but have released a small selection of 6mm goodies today, including the RDF vehicles below.

Halfling snipers in full gillie suits

Halfling snipers in full gillie suits released

you will find these in the 28mm Runts listings as they are the perfect auxiliary troops for them but could also be used on their own too

RU13 Halfling Snipers in full gillie suits



Upcoming Shows

The Hammerhead 2018 – Even Bigger – Even Better!

Due to local adverse weather the police have closed access to Newark Showground. Therefore Hammerhead has been re-scheduled for 28th April 2018

Glenbrook Games will be attending Hammerhead with a selection of CP goodies

Please get in touch with Matt for any more info

Glenbook Games