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Wargame miniatures for wargamers, figure painters and collectors. Our wargame figures are cast in white metal alloy. With larger items such as monsters and buildings cast in resin. 

28mm ranges include historical subjects such as the Middle Ages and ancient Sumerians. We also have a large selection of 28mm Sci-fi & Fantasy figures available.

20mm WWII miniatures are well catered for by our extensive Cp models and TQD Castings ranges.

15mm Fantasy figures can be found in the Crom’s Anvil ranges but we also have Wild West, Moderns and Sci-fi ranges too.

Lastly if your into smaller scales check out our 6mm Sci-fi range, covering infantry, vehicles and buildings.

Please go have a look around, sure there’s something here that will take you fancy.

Summer Sale 

Enter the coupon code SUMMER22 at checkout for 20% discount on your order. We are a bit late running this sale this year. Decided to extend this sale to end next Friday. So if you haven’t already go grab a bargain while you can.   


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Summer Sale 

Enter the coupon code SUMMER22 at checkout for 20% discount on your order.

We are a bit late running this sale this year, so it will run from today Monday 18th of July to the last week of August. Ending on Sunday the 6th of August.

Go grab a bargain while you can.   

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The Kindred Are Here

We are pleased to announce that the Kindred, WWI British Halfings are now available in our Weird Wars range.

28mm scale Halflings dressed in British WWI uniforms with appropriate weapons to represent the Kindred expeditionary forces. Great opponents for our Goblin Empire figures.

The Kindred