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Quality white metal miniatures for wargames, figure painters and collectors.

 Our figures are available in various scales including 6mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 28mm. 

With ranges featuring historical and sci-fi – fantasy models. 

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28mm Gnolls

Gnolls are a humanoid race which resemble human – hyena hybrids.

Gnoll warriors with long spears

Gnoll warriors with heavy weapons

28mm creatures and races for fantasy and role playing games

28mm Dog Folk Mercenaries

Dog Folk mercenaries

A humanoid race which feature human type bodies with dog heads and tails

This pack includes four Dog Folk mercenaries armed with various weapons. These figures are supplied with four separate tails. Creatures and races for 28mm fantasy and role playing games.

Ettercaps 28mm Fantasy Creatures

Spider creatures with poison fangs and powerful claws

Figures supplied with four random heads to allow some variety. Creatures and races for fantasy and role playing games.

TQD Castings 20mm German MG42 Teams

German Machine gun crews

Waffen SS MG42 team in cammo smocks

German Heer MG42 team

Includes officer with binoculars, loader and firer. Packs supplied with a random mix of separate heads in a mix of headgear allowing a degree of flexibility. MG42 machine gun supplied as a kit with these packs.

Viking Zombies

New 28mm Viking zombies added to our night terrors range

Great for fantasy-horror encounters set in the dark ages

There is a mix of attacking and advancing poses with a mix of armoured and unarmoured figures plus zombie crawlers

New Tentacles

Textured Tentacles

A couple of new sets of medium sized tentacles with skin textures

Could be used for converting large monsters or bursting through the floors and walls of buildings

Although listed in our 28mm ranges these could work well in other scales such as large beasties in 15mm and 6mm scales

New Night Terrors

Alien claws
Mechanical or organic claws or probes which could be used on their own or added to other models or scenery, sticking out of walls for example

Large worms
A swarm of large worms in various wriggling poses, with one breaking the surface and rising up

Both these sets should work well for multiple scales too, these are listed in our 28mm ranges but would work well as large beasties in 15mm and 6mm games

Grey Dwarfs

The Duergar – Woodland dwelling grey dwarfs well versed in tracking and other woodland skills

28mm scale miniatures for fantasy wargames and role playing games

Free Folk Warriors

28mm northern barbarians in advancing / attacking poses

Alien Ambassadors

Three 28mm alien ambassadors wearing capes and robes, ideal for negotiating interstellar conflicts on distant planets


15mm Starship crew

New Starship crew added to our 15mm sci-fi range

Lullubi & Amorite warriors added to 28mm Sumerians

Lullubi and Amorites both peoples who could be found fighting against the Sumerians but often used as auxiliaries and mercenaries

Camel MPV 15mm Vehicle

Camel MPV, 15mm version of this popular vehicle

A tough and durable multi-purpose vehicle for missions on the frontier worlds and colonies

15mm scale miniatures and models for sci-fi wargames

15mm Mad Monks

Mad Monks

Fanatical Monks for pulp adventures, could be mixed with our cultists to add variety to a mixed force

15mm scale miniatures for pulp adventures

Knights at Tournament

25mm medieval jousting knights and spectators

Victim of parasitic alien organism

Human victim with parasitic alien tentacles bursting out from their body, 28mm miniature for horror and Cthulhu mythos games

Near Future Mercenaries

Two new packs of mercenaries added to our near future troopers

Human troopers for hire, designed to work with our original near future troopers

Greek Mythology

We now have a small range of 25mm figures from Greek Mythology. These used to be part of Steve Barbers ranges which have found a new home here as part of our classic 25mm ranges

25mm Skeletons

Skeletons with Greek weapons and shields

Re-animated warriors suitable for fantasy and mythological games, suitable for The Children of The Hydra as featured in Jason and The Argonauts tale from Greek mythology

28mm Ancient Weapons

We have added a new weapons and accessories listing to our ancients ranges, featuring New kingdom Egyptian and other  bronze age weapons

28mm Sumerians available

Our new range of 28mm Sumerians is now available

Check them out in the ancients listing


15mm Cultists

New Cultists added to our 15mm pulp adventure range

Includes cult command set, cultists with flaming torches and cultists with axes