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Welcome to CP Models new website
CP Models is a manufacturer of high quality white metal wargame figures.
This is our new website with all new features like a modern shopping cart and should be compatible with most mobile devices too. We have tried to keep it as close to the old site as possible while updating it, so hopefully it will still be familiar to regular customers. I have also decided to try and credit all the sculptors and painters whose work is featured on the site where possible. There are some figures/ranges where I don’t know who did what. Usually in the case of ranges which I have picked up over the years. So if you spot an omission and know who deserves the credit, please let me know.
Lastly a big thank you to Daniel Griffiths at creativescript for all his hard work getting this site sorted out.

Featured Figures
Recent News

Price Rise

Unfortunately due to rising costs we have had to introduce a price rise.
This was due to take place in September but due to circumstances beyond our control had to be delayed until now.
The new prices work out to about a 15% increase on most figures but there are some figures/ranges which are not affected such as the 28mm Alien Federation Range and most of the 15mm ranges which remain at the old prices.

Christmas Info

Christmas is nearly here

We will be closed for the holidays from 20th December – 5th January. All orders received while we are closed will be processed after the holidays .

Royal Mails recommended posting dates

U.K. 1st class – Wednesday, 20th December
Western Europe – Thursday, 14th December
Eastern Europe – Wednesday, 6th December
U.S.A. & Canada – Thursday, 14th December
Rest of the World – Saturday, 9th December

It’s been awhile since we had any new releases.Mainly due to having been tied up with getting this new site sorted out.So here’s a new Cyclops throwing rocks.
In a change for CP this is a resin casting.

Celtic Dwarfs with open hands

New Celtic Dwarf warriors with open hands
Figures designed with open hands to allow you to use separate weapons or wire spears to build up a varied unit
Supplied with a mix of weapons and shields

Miniature Wargames December competition

WIN! Miniature figures worth over £50

Closing Date: 03/01/2018

We have teamed up with Miniature Wargames to give to one lucky winner a super sized bundle of figures.

One lucky winner will win:

A complete set of our near future troopers plus big eyed aliens with youngling and eggs to oppose them

It is easy to enter

 Go Check it out

Celtic Dwarf Berserkers

CDF14 Celtic Dwarf Berserkers

Berserkers in warp spasm inspired by tales of  body-distorting battle frenzied Celtic heros


Upcoming Shows

Matt of Glenbrook Games will be attending UK shows with a selection of our 28mm sci-fi & fantasy figures.
If you would like to pre-order figures for a show please contact Matt to see if it’s possible for him to bring them along for you.