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Welcome to CP Models new website
CP Models is a manufacturer of high quality white metal wargame figures.
This is our new website with all new features like a modern shopping cart and should be compatible with most mobile devices too. We have tried to keep it as close to the old site as possible while updating it, so hopefully it will still be familiar to regular customers. I have also decided to try and credit all the sculptors and painters whose work is featured on the site where possible. There are some figures/ranges where I don’t know who did what. Usually in the case of ranges which I have picked up over the years. So if you spot an omission and know who deserves the credit, please let me know.
Lastly a big thank you to Daniel Griffiths at creativescript for all his hard work getting this site sorted out.

Featured Figures
Recent News

Spectres with scythes

Spectres with scythes released

28mm Horror miniatures

Check them out in the Night Terrors undead listings

New Gnomes

Latest additions to our 28mm Gnomes

Lord and lady

Magic user with apprentice


New 28mm Kharkov SS releases

New additions to our 28mm WWII German kharkov SS

Designed for the battle of kharkov but would be suitable for other theatres

WSSK09 Kharkov SS with Soviet SMGs

WSSK10 Kharkov SS snipers

WSSK11 Kharkov SS Officers





Upcoming Shows

Glenbrook Games will be attending UK shows with a selection of our 28mm sci-fi/fantasy ranges

I will list the next show as soon as I have details

Please get in touch with Matt for any more info

Glenbook Games