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We manufacture quality white metal figures for gamers, painters and collectors.

Our figures are available in several scales including 6mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm.

Covering many historical eras as well as sci-fi and fantasy miniatures.



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Featured Figures
Recent News

Sinbad - Arabian Nights

We are pleased to have taken over the Sinbad range from Steve Barber Models

These are classic 25mm figures and are available now


Alien Critters

A pair of alien critters added to our sci-fi aliens listings

ET29 One eyed alien critter

ET30 Stalk eyed alien creature

WWII Era British Police

New 20mm WWII Era British Police available in the TQD castings World War II miscellaneous figures



Space Frogs with laser rifles

New race added to our sci-fi aliens listing

Planetary Defence Force

28mm Sci-fi troopers with breathers and rifles, ready to defend the home planet

Big Mouth Slimer

Latest addition to the 28mm Night Terrors – creatures and races

Aggressive biped with a big mouth and slimy body



Slade - Future detective for hire

New addition to our 28mm sci-fi non-coms and civilians

Kincaid Hoverbus 15mm vehicle

Kincaid Hoverbus

15mm version of our popular hoverbus now available


6mm Concrete Bunker

Concrete Bunker

Cast concrete bunker with front gun embrasure and rear entrance in 6mm


6mm Hanger - Warehouse

Large generic building suitable for use as a hanger for vehicles or a warehouse, you choose

Viking Hero available as single figure

28mm Viking Hero with raven standing over fallen enemy, available as a single figure again.

Allowing you to buy him without buying the Viking command pack.


6mm Sandbag Emplacements

Sandbag Emplacements

Ideal cover for your troops

6mm Urban Barricades

Urban Barricades

Mix of barrels, tyres, bricks, concrete blocks, sand bags and other stuff found in modern urban areas thrown together to form makeshift barricades


Marcus Aurelius Statue

Our 28mm Roman Emperor supplied with a resin plinth to allow him to be used as a statue, useful scenic item for Roman themed games

KR16 6mm sci-fi now available here

All the KR16 6mm Sci-fi range is now available

Upcoming Shows


Glenbrook Games will be stocking a selection of our 28mm sci-fi and fantasy figures at UK shows

Please get in touch with Matt for any more info

Glenbook Games